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Pazvantoglus Mosque in the Town of Vidin


Doylas (Buenek Dancers on St. Lazar's Day) from the Village of Mechka, Russe Region

Horo (Chain Dance) in Dolna Banya with a Rebec Player

Duduk from the Village of Shiyakovo, Pleven Region

Woodcarving Workshop in the Town of Tryavna, Gabrovo Region

Daughter Lamenting Her Father. The Village of Galata, Lovech Region

Jewish Gravestones

Enyos Bride (Maiden Midsummer Rite. The Main Personage in the Rite is Dressed in a Special Costume) from the Region of Yambol

Bachelor's Lash for Leading the Horo (Chain Dance) in the Village of Cherventsi, Varna Region

Erusalimiya Icon from the Church Sts. Kozma and Damyan in the Village of Skravena, Sofia Region

Womens One Part Singing from the Village of Vaglarovo, Haskovo Region

Harvest in the Region of Sofia

Reaper from the Region of Sofia. 1939

Harvest Banner from the Village of Saparevo, Kyuistendil Region

Zhetvarska Brada (Decoration Made of the Last Sheaf) from the Village of Sennik, Gabrovo Region

Harvest from the Village of Nikolovo, Razgrad Region

Ritual Dance with the Newly Made Wedding Flag from the Village of Sinapovo, Yambol Region
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2024 January
Lazarovden; St. Lazarus' Day (Saturday before Palm Sunday) (changing)23
Vrabnitsa, Cvetnitsa; Palm Sunday (changing)24
Veliki Ponedelnik; The Great Monday (changing)25
Veliki Vtornik; The Great Tuesday (changing)26
Velika Sriada; The Great Wednesday (changing)27
Veliki Chetvartak; The Holy Thursday (changing)28
Veliki Petak; The Great Friday (changing)29
Velika Sabota; The Great Saturday (changing)30
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