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Wedding in the Region of Sofia

Loaf of Bread for St. Georges Day from the Village of Brestovo, Lovech Region

A St. Georges Day Ritual Loaf of Bread for a Newly Wed Bride, the Village of Koinare, Vratza Region

German (Ritual Clay Figure) from the Village of Izbul, Shumen Region

Decoration on the Brides Head, the Village of Pokrovan, Kardzhali Region

Fiance-Catholic in the Town of Rakovski, Plovdiv Region

Big Vessel for Salt from the Region of Smolyan


Grape Harvest in Chirpan. 1906

Grape Harvest in Varna Region

Rebec Player and Singer from the Village of Momina Klisura, Pazardzhik Region

Rebec Player from the Village of Orlov Dol, Yambol Region


Bestowing of the Lazarki (Maidens Ritual Group Performing on St. Lazarus Day) with Eggs in the Village of Kichevo, Varna Disrict

Handing a Christmas Ritual Loaf of Bread, the Village of Granitovo, Sliven Region

Dafo Trendafilov a Master of Folk Music Instruments from the Region of Smolyan

Ornamented Niche Above the Kivote in Central Synagogue in Sofia

Decorator of Ceramic Products from the Town of Dobrich
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2024 January
Velikden; Easter (changing)1
Sv. Jeremiah; Snakes Day1
Svetal Ponedelnik; The Holy Monday (changing)2
Liatna Sv. Petka; Summers St. Petka2
Svetla Sriada; The Holy Wednesday (changing)4
Svetli Chetvartak; The Holy Thursday (changing)5
Svetli petak; The Light Friday (changing)6
Gergyovden; St. Georges Day6
Svetla Sabota; The Light Saturday (changing)7
Tomina nedelya; St. Thomas Day (changing)8
Sofinden; St. Sophias Day (changing)9
Leten Nikulden; Summer St. Nicholas Day9
St. German; German12
Sveti Konstantin i Elena; Sts. Constantine and Elena21
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