Traditional crafts and traditional production of home-made objects or
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 Embroidered and Knitted Ornaments from the Village of Vodenichene, Yambol Region
 Embroidered Ornaments on Traditional Clothing of Immigrants from the Region of Enikyoy in the Village of Sinapovo, Yambol Region
 Embroidery from the Region of Yambol
2024 January
Spasovden ; Ascension Day9
Vartolomey; St. Bartholomews Day11
Elisey, Liso; St. Eliseys Day (changing)14
Petdesetnica; St.Trinity (Pentecost,Whitsunday) (changing)19
Sveti Duh; The Holy Ghost (Whitsuntide) (changing)20
Petrovi zagovezni; The Beginning of the Fast before Sts. Peter and Paul's Day22
Enyovden, Leten Sveti Ivan; Summer St. Johns Day24
Petrovden; Sts. Peter and Paul29
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