Calendar, February 
01 - Трифон Зарезан
01 - Трифоновден
02 - Зимна
02 - Вълча Богородица
03 - Симеоновден
10 - Чуминден
10 - Св. Харалампий
11 - Власовден
2019 January
Spasovden ; Ascension Day9
Vartolomey; St. Bartholomew’s Day11
Elisey, Liso; St. Elisey’s Day (changing)14
Petdesetnica; St.Trinity (Pentecost,Whitsunday) (changing)19
Sveti Duh; The Holy Ghost (Whitsuntide) (changing)20
Petrovi zagovezni; The Beginning of the Fast before Sts. Peter and Paul's Day22
Enyovden, Leten Sveti Ivan; Summer St. John’s Day24
Petrovden; Sts. Peter and Paul29
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